It was the finals of America's Got Talent - 10 acts performed in hopes of being named the winner of one million dollars, and their own show in Vegas. Here are the top performances of the night.

What a night on America's Got Talent! Between amazing singers, hilarious comedians, and even a professional regurgitator... It is going to be tough for America to pick just one winner - Just one person to walk away with the Grand Prize.

It was a rollercoaster of a night. For the most part the acts were on their 'A-Game' and did amazing. There were a few however, that fell flat (Derek Hughes *cough, cough*). All together though - This was BY FAR the BEST episode of America's Got Talent I have ever seen!!! (and I've been watching it for quite a few years, now).

Only one act will walk away with the grand prize - but I couldn't just predict one act... So here are the performances that I believe will come in 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place.

***Again - this is just an opinion - but I really believe these are the top acts that deserve to win. Okay... Here we go!


3rd Place: Piff the Magic Dragon

Actually, I was hoping this guy would win the grand prize, but other acts just seemed to beat him out last night. He still did a great job, was funny like always, and played a great character.


2nd Place: Drew Lynch

Every week this guy makes me laugh (and not just a little bit - like falling off the couch laughing). He's a great performer, he struggles with a stutter and he doesn't let it affect him, and he is absolutely hilarious. The joke about his girlfriend going back to two jobs was just the best! (and it wasn't even part of the set - it was while he was talking back and forth with the judges).


THE WINNER: The Professional Regurgitator

You either love this guy or hate him. What he does grosses me out, but is completely amazing - he really does have a unique, crazy talent. Seriously... This is the video you NEED to watch - I don't know how to explain what he does (and make it sound as awesome as it really is), you just have to see it for yourself.


Tomorrow night (Wednesday) we find out who the big winner is! The show starts at 9p on NBC - All the acts will perform one last time, but this time they'll be performing with a celebrity. It's sure to be a great show - and one person will be walking away with the million dollar prize!




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