Today is International Women's Day, and people all over the country are making sure to celebrate it in a major way. Women everywhere are celebrating the special day by embracing the #ADayWithoutAWoman strike, which is aimed at highlighting the economic power of women on society. Not only are many women not showing up to work for the day, but there are even some schools that are closing in honor of the day.

Some of our favorite celebrities are making sure to observe and celebrate International Women's Day, such as Alicia Keys, Adele, Kehlani, and many more. Keys tweeted out a flyer to where she would be observing the strike in NYC, which is set to take place in Central Park. Remy Ma also did something special to honor the day, and teamed up with Marie Claire to spit a freestyle that shuts down all of the men's rights activists.

Today is also meant to raise awareness about the pay disparity between men and women. Women were encouraged to take the day off from paid and unpaid work and only shop at small businesses or business owned by women or people of color. The women who are unable to participate are encouraged to wear red in solidarity.

Some male celebrities are also showing their support of the cause, including Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda. We know that today can really make a difference for the lives of women, and we hope that everyone will pay close attention.


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