The spotlight was on upstate New York as Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, from 'American Pickers' found a treasure trove in a barn in Little Falls. The episode, that was filmed in May, aired on the History Channel last night.

Wolfe and Fritz spent 15 hours at the barn, meeting and dealing with Rich Marocco and Mike Loins and taking home 54 items.

Heidi Lanphere Thomas

Herkimer County Sheriff Chris Farber, who serves as executor to the estate, tells the Valley Side, "It was my daughter-in-law’s idea. We weren’t sure what to expect. Mike was the original picker. He picked before it was cool, seeing the value in everything.”

The crew arrived on the Little Falls property to film May 11th, which would have been the owner Mike's 97th birthday.

If you missed the 'Coin-Op Kings' episode, it'll re-air on the History channel September 10th or you can watch at

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