They don't call it Heartbreak Hill for nothing. While hundreds of runners and walkers filed by on their way to raising nearly $1 million for the American Heart Association, a dinjury was occurring right before their eyes.

Right there, at the intersection of McPherson and Elm Street in New York Mills during America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk, one more victim was added to the list of people who have sustained dinjuries. That's right: a dance-induced-injury. In fact, some of you even took pictures.

Yup. I danced myself right into the kind of pain that not only hurts, but makes you feel really stupid. I'm not sure if it was my interpretive salsa to "Havana" or the drunk-Beyonce moves to "Single Ladies", but I'm pretty sure I got hit by a bus. I'm limping around the house. I can't quite turn my head to the left, and my clapping hands are still a little sore. The last time I hurt so much after a dance-a-thon was when I twisted my ankle doing the Electric Slide in college.

It takes a lot of stamina to dance - non-stop - for 4 hours. I powered through, because, let's face it, dancing and cheering for all of the runners and walkers is a lot easier than actually running 10 miles, or trudging up that hill in the cold.

I know I'm not alone. If you're being honest, you know somewhere in your history, there's a Twist that went wrong, or a dip that didn't. Have you ever sustained a dinjury? What happened? 



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