Instead of yet another bachelor party comedy about a bunch of bros bro-ing down with booze and mostly naked women who barely have names, how about one in which Amy Schumer invites herself to the big bro party and disrupts all their bro-fun? That sounds perfect, actually, now that I mention it. So here’s some good news: that’s the plot of a real movie that’s really going to happen!

Per Variety, Amy Schumer — comedian, actor, writer, hilarious human and all-around inspiration to us all — will produce and star in Who Invited Her?, a new comedy film in which she’ll play a woman who stubbornly insists on participating in her boy BFF’s bachelor party weekend. Inside Amy Schumer scribe Tami Sagher (who is absolutely delightful in Mike Birbiglia’s upcoming comedy Don’t Think Twice) is rewriting the screenplay for Who Invited Her?, which should give it a little extra Schumer attitude.

The concept feels like it could easily skew into the typical “this woman is a nag who won’t let these bros have any fun” territory, but with Schumer and Sagher’s involvement, we can expect something a bit more perceptive and subversive — and way, way funnier, I’m sure.

Schumer made her big screen debut in last year’s Trainwreck, which Judd Apatow directed and produced based on the comedian’s screenplay. She also convinced Goldie Hawn to come out of semi-retirement to play her mom in an untitled mother-daughter comedy, which hits theaters in 2017. Schumer is also in the fourth season of her hit Comedy Central series, and stars opposite Miles Teller in the forthcoming PTSD drama Thank You For Your Service.

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