Chicken Parm is a favorite of the radio station staff, and the long standing debate continues to heat up as to who makes the best; but Rick from Made in Utica recently chimed in, and he claims to know who has the absolute tastiest in the Utica area.

The Willows on Culver Avenue has some mouth watering entrees including the: Bordetto, Veal Lukatelli, and their Ahi Tuna, but the Chicken Parm there is amazing! The Pollo Alla Parmigiana at Ventura's on Lansing Street is also to die for.

Tony Sparagna's on Lansing is unfortunately closed for business; but back in the day, Sparagna's served up an "Out of this World" Chicken Parm. Georgio's Village Cafe in New Hartford has a Chicken Parm that will please your taste buds and your pocket book too; and Bella Regina's, Chesterfield's and Babe's are all known for their stand out Chicken Parm, but the top honor for the most delicious Chicken Parm in the Utica area goes to...

According to Rick at

The #1 Chicken Parm dish is served at Raspberries Cafe on South Genesee. He says it's the best chicken parmesan he has had in Utica. The sauce is excellent and the cutlets are thick breasts of chicken that are succulent.

Rasberries is typically known for their delicious breakfast and lunch menu options, but their dinner selections are one of the area's best kept secrets.

If we left out a restaurant in the Utica area with an amazing Chicken Parm entree, feel free to comment on our Facebook page. The ones we mentioned are just some of the dining establishments we've tried;  we're sure there are dozens more.


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