Talk me down off the ledge. 

My thirteen-year-old son went out trick-or-treating with his friends in a neighborhood close to our New Hartford house. They had a good time, but another kid stole my son's Halloween candy.

When I got the call to come and pick him up, my son mentioned that a "bigger kid" from his school grabbed his trick or treat bag and took off with it. He knows the kid from school and says he gets in trouble a lot. We even found the empty bag in the middle of the road.

I think I heard my internal Mama Bear growl. 

On the one hand, I wanted to drive right over to this kid's house and tell his parents what he did. On the other hand, my son pointed out (because he knew EXACTLY what I was thinking) that the kid would just be a bigger jerk at school if I did that.

Actually, I think my son took it better than I did. He even pointed out that with his new braces, he couldn't eat much of the candy anyway. It didn't help that my son wasn't sure of the other kid's name - only his nickname. (With my Mom CIA skills, I'm sure I could find the boy's real name...and his address...and his parents...and the name of his dog.)

Parents, what would you have done in that situation? Found the kid? Let it go? Does the fact that they're close in age matter? Let me know.

I think I'm gonna go eat more leftover candy to make myself feel better.



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