For more than a year, Applebee's has been offering drink specials each month, and it looks like they're continuing that for 2019. The restaurant chain announced their drink deal for January.

From Long Island Iced Teas to Bahama Mamas, Applebee's has been on a roll since October of 2017, offering a new mixed drink each month for only a dollar (...well, a few have been $2). We may be into a new year, but Applebee's is continuing their monthly drink specials, and have announced this month's deal...

Applebee's is offering Captain and Cola for just $2.

For two bucks, you'll get a 10-ounce mug filled with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Pepsi. Not a bad deal, right??

And if you haven't tried any of Applebee's mixed drink deals yet, here's what you need to know:

- The deal is available for the entire month: Now through the 31st
- Ordering availability times vary at each restaurant, so you'll want to check ahead to make sure you can order this drink (for this price), during your visit
- The drink comes in a 10-ounce mug (with ice)
- You can use a gift card to purchase these drinks
- Of course, you have to be 21 to enjoy (duh)

Other than that, you're all set. Enjoy your delicious Captain and cola with your dinner, or get some of your friends together for a few drinks (and maybe some bar snacks).

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