Every month Applebee's has been offering a special mixed drink for only a dollar. Of course, March is no different... Well, sort of.

From Long Island Iced Teas to Bahama Mamas, Applebee's has been on a roll since October, offering a new mixed drink each month for only a dollar. Now that we're in March, Applebee's has announced their latest mixed drink deal: Vodka Lemonades.

But here's why this month is different. According to Applebees.com, this new mixed drink deal isn't only a dollar, it's two dollars... Which, is still a great deal for a delicious adult beverage. But there's a reason behind it. It looks like Applebee's will be using premium vodka for this mixed drink, as in Absolut Vodka.

Again, two dollars isn't much to pay for a mixed drink to begin with, so most people probably won't care about the price increase. Or at least, the price increase won't stop people from taking part in this deal.

And if you haven't tried any of Applebee's mixed drink deals yet, here's what you need to know:

- The deal is available for the entire month: The 1st through the 31st
- You can get the drink anytime (it's not just a "Happy Hour" promotion)
- The drink comes in a 10-ounce mug (with ice)
- You can use a gift card to purchase these drinks
- Of course, you have to be 21 to enjoy (duh)

Other than that, you're all set. Enjoy your delicious Vodka Lemonades with your dinner, or get some of your friends together for a few drinks (and maybe some bar snacks) at Applebee's.




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