Are we truly obsessed with Kinder Easter Eggs in the Utica and Rome area of New York State?

Zippia conducted research to determine each states favorite Easter candy. For New York, the number one choice was Kinder Easter Eggs.

What in the world are Kinder Easter Eggs?

New York eats all the candies the rest of the country does, the search interest in “Kinder Easter Eggs” is disproportionately higher than the remaining states- making “Kinder Easter Eggs” more popular in New York than anywhere else."

A Kinder Easter Egg is a "toy milk chocolate consisting of a chocolate egg surrounding a yellow plastic capsule with a small toy inside." For our nineties kids, they are very similar to a Wonder Ball, but a lot safer.

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According to this research, New Yorker's prefer these over Peeps, Jelly Beans, Caramel Eggs, Boiled Eggs, and even Chocolate Bunnies. Do you even believe that? New York is the only state in the union that has this listed as their favorite.

These eggs have been manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero since 1974. The concept was co-created by Michele Ferrero and William Salice, and currently is one of several candies sold under the Kinder brand. Since 1974, 30 billion Kinder Surprise eggs have been sold worldwide.

In 1968, Michele Ferrero raised the idea with his employees of a product that could be given to children so they could have a little "surprise" every day, based on the Italian tradition of large chocolate eggs given to children by their parents at Easter. Ferrero said that at first his attempt to follow through with this idea was unsuccessful after employees questioned the order he placed for a machine to make the chocolate eggs. They thought it would not make any money, since eggs are only for Easter"

Do you truly believe they are our states top choice for Easter though?

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