One of my neighbors has been having a great time going through boxes in her attic.  She found an old hat box filled with letters dating back to the 1920's.  Letters her grandparents wrote, her aunts and uncles and some relatives she'd only heard about but never met.  She's having a blast reading these old letters as she learns more and more about her family history.    Will this scene be a thing of the past someday soon?

Now that email,  cell phones,  Twitter, Facebook and other media is so popular, letter writing is becoming less and less popular.  The Postal Service, in their annual survey, found that the typical American received a letter about every seven weeks last year.  Compare that to 1987, when the average American received a letter every couple of weeks.  It's not just personal letters that are on the downslide.  So is paying bills via the mail.  More and more people are paying bills online.  For the first time, according to the Postal Service, less than half of all bills were paid by mail last year.  Do you still write letters or pay bills via the mail?  How many letters do you think you get each year?