Take a penny, leave a penny.  We've all seen that in stores.  You know, when they have a little cup with pennies by the register.  Well, you won't be seeing that at one store in Vermont.  They think pennies are no longer useful and won't be giving them out.

Power Play Sports, located in Morrisville, Vermont, will no longer give pennies when making change.  Owner Caleb Magoon calls the penny "outdate, outmoded, overpriced nuisance of coinage."  While the store will still accept pennies from customers, when making change they'll round up to the nearest nickel.  So if a customer is owed 26 cents, they'll give them 30 cents back.  What do you think of that?  Has the penny lost its usefulness?  Should we get rid of the penny?  I have no problem with the penny so I say keep it.