Get ready to shop until you drop.  The holiday shopping season will kick off on Thanksgiving.  For those who want to make the most of every dollar they spend, are the best holiday deals on Black Friday or on Cyber Monday?

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

As I looked over this list, I was surprised to see that the two days I thought were famous for super low prices aren't always the best days to save.  You learn something new everyday!  Here's some shopping help from on what days will give you the best deals this holiday season.


The best day to buy toys is neither Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  If you can, wait until the the 8th of December to start your toy shopping.  That's when you'll find the lowest prices, probably until December 14th.



Can't wait to buy another reindeer sweater?  Then Cyber Monday is your day to shop.  Yes, you'll find bigger clothing discounts Monday vs Black Friday.

TVs,DVDs and Blue- Ray:

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are both great shopping days for good deals on DVDs and Blue-ray movies.  As for TVs, the best prices on big screen TVs happen on Super Bowl Sunday.  While it might be hard to wait until February, think of the money you can save by waiting.


Video Games:

Unlike big screen TVs, there's no need to wait to buy video games.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday both are ideal times to buy them.

Appliances, cookware, items for the home:

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good days to buy that new comforter, that souffle dish for the chef in the family or that new toaster oven.


Now you're ready to shop, aren't you?