It's an indisputable fact that CNY - and the Mohawk Valley in particular - has the most amazing restaurants. But what are the best items on the menu at each of those places?

No, seriously, what are they?

I'm one of those people who orders the same thing, every single time at my favorite restaurants. Sometimes I look at the menu as though I'm going to change it up...but I never do. If you know you like something, why tempt fate? Maybe that seems insane, but it works - you should try it.

Here are the best dishes at CNY restaurants:

Georgio's in New Hartford: Brocolli and Hats. It's absolutely delicious, it's a huge serving and it makes great leftovers.

Red Samurai in New Hartford: California roll, Salmon Avocado roll, and a Rainbow roll. YUM. Don't forget the house salad with the ginger dressing.

Core in New Hartford: the Tune Poke salad - except get rid of the kale. No one likes kale. If it were possible to date a salad, Tuna Poke and I would be seeing each other exclusively.

Delmonico's in Utica: Linguine and clams.

The Savoy in Rome: Linguine and clams.

Bella Cucina in New Hartford: Linguine and clams. Okay, I have a problem.

Creekside in New Hartford: Veggie Giambotte and home fries.

Grapevine in New Hartford: This dish that they only have on Thursdays that I can't spell but OMG.

Bite Bakery: The French Toast. Yes, please.

Do you agree or disagree? Are there restaurants and great dishes I'm missing? Which ones?


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