Everyone has their own personality but sometimes we have traits that are very similar to others.  How do you stack up with the average woman?  Read on and see!

What are your typical New Year's Resolutions or what's one thing you'd like to change about yourself?  See what the average women says about this and more, thanks to Women's Health Magazine.

*The one thing she's like to change about her appearance is to have a flatter stomach.

*Her worst diet habit is eating too many sweets.

* She wants to change jobs to make more money, do something different and her current job isn't fufilling enough.

*Her top three resolutions this year were to save money, eat better and get into shape.

* Fifty-five percent of women think they could use a makeover.

*The average woman doesn't want to change her personality.

*The biggest change she's made for a guy was moving to a  new city.