Three weeks ago, a snippet of Ashlee Simpson's newest single 'Bat for a Heart' found its way on the web, and we scooped it up faster than a newly single member of One Direction. But now the song is here in its entirety!

When the 50 second snippet first fell into our laps, it came in the form of a YouTube video featuring the "other" Simpson sister in a black and white film, using her onetime ballerina skills to the best of her ability and attempting to be flirtatious and mysterious with the camera in front of her.

Unfortunately, as much as we love Ashlee Simpson, this isn't the best example of a "comeback" track. Dare we even call it a comeback track? She has been off the music radar for quite some time now, so we guess it's kind of appropriate, even though a Jessica Simpson single would be more of a comeback....

Anywho, the synthy track leaves a lot to be desired, as it isn't super impressive. The most memorable part comes in the form of the song's opening lines and permanent chorus, “I’m gonna bang bang / F— you up / Twist you out inside of my head." Why? Because a Simpson girl is dropping the F-bomb regularly, that's why!

Simpson, who shared 'Bat for a Heart' via Twitter today, wrote, "I am so excited to share my new music #BatForAHeart with you," before a providing a link leading to her own website. Even though her site features the same 50 second clip from weeks ago, it does provide links to buy the tune on iTunes in a clean and/or explicit version.

We think fans will prefer the Ashlee Simpson music of yesteryear.

Listen to Ashlee Simpson, 'Bat for a Heart'

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