If you get a call from an 888 number saying your water bill is past due, the Mohawk Valley Water Authority wants you to know this is a scam.

Pat Becher of the MVWA says the caller will demand payment and threaten to shut off your water unless you pay them over the phone, and someone is on their way to shut off your service.

That's something the MVWA does not do.

Becher added that only businesses have been targeted so far, but the good news is they don't suspect a hacking attack because none of the targeted businesses actually had delinquent accounts, so they know their records have not been breached.

He says the water authority will only notify you in writing with MVWA stationary, and the callers are most likely from out of the area because of mispronounced street names.

If you do get one of these calls, the best thing to do is hang up and notify the Water Authority immediately  by calling 315-792-0301.

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