Most American's are crazy about bacon, and this little guy is no exception. He tries it for the first time and falls in love.

What is it about bacon that makes it so delicious? The grease? The saltiness? The texture? Who knows, it's just darn good right?!

Restaurants are even getting more creative with bacon. A few years ago, Denny's and Burger King offered the bacon sundae; Coffee companies like Bocajava and Bewdly are now offering bacon flavored brews, and Food Network Chef's are whipping up creamy, maple-bacon flavored ice cream.

Do you remember the first time you tried bacon? I grew up on a pig farm (Hubbell's Hog Hollow,) so for my family, it was all you can eat bacon. There was also a never ending supply of pork chops and ham.

You thought you liked bacon? This baby likes it more.