This story caught my eye because it's something I experienced a few days ago.  Ever leave a store because you were annoyed by their music?  If so, you're not  the only one.

I was shopping at a big chain store the other day and their sound system drove me crazy.  It sounded like something from "The Exorcist!"  It was all distorted and fuzzy and after a few minutes of browsing, I thought it best to come back another time when it was  working properly.  Fifty percent of shoppers surveyed  admit they've left a store because they were so annoyed by the music that was being played in the store.  Twenty three percent would be unlikely to shop again at a store that plays music they don't care for and seventy five percent of shoppers say they definitely notice the music that's being played in a store.  Liking the music in a store does matter.  Forty percent of shoppers will stay longer in a store to shop if they like the music, which is exactly what the store wants you to do.  Do you care what music a store plays as you shop?