Who was the most fascinating person of the year?  Well, the wait is over.   Barbara Walters has revealed the Most Fascinating People of 2013.  The person topping her list this year has been on the list before. Walters has named Hillary Clinton as the most fascinating person of 2013.  Clinton was also number one on the list in 1993, the same year Walters aired her first fascinating people special.

Why not say most important people of the year?  Walters has an answer for that.

We don't use the word important that's why we say fascinating.  They make us look at them.

Also on the list of fascinating people are actress Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Duck Dynasty, Robin Roberts, Pope Francis, Edward Snowden, Prince George, Kayne West and Kim Kardashian.

Walters, a seasoned broadcast journalist, had a first in her career with this year's list.

The fact that we have a family doing duck calls that is fascinating, allowed me to go 'quack,' and I haven't done that in an interview before!"


Anybody on the list that surprised you?

(Source: 6abc.com)