Tired of summer and ready for cooler days, falling leaves, and pumpkin everything? You can get a jump start on your fall festivities by checking out all these crazy fall-inspired candles at Sangertown Square.

Believe it or not, we're not talking about going to Yankee Candle (although they're sure to be able to help you get into the fall spirit as well). Nope, we're actually talking about Bath and Body Works. Good Housekeeping announced last week that the company had just released their 2018 Fall Candle Collection, and if you're someone who loves everything pumpkin, you're definitely not going to be disappointed.

They really went all out this year. Just look at this display from the Bath and Body Works inside Sangertown Square Mall:

Another View of the Pumpkin Scented Candles Display at Bath and Body Works
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Impressive, right?!

And look closely at all those scents! From a "Pumpkin Cupcake" candle to "Pumpkin Pecan Waffles." Seriously, all the pumpkin scents you could imagine... They're all right there at the mall. Oh, and it's not just candles either:

Pumpkin Inspired Soaps at Bath and Body Works
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Bath and Body Works has pumpkin-fied their soaps and lotions, as well. And, if you love the fall-themed, but maybe aren't as crazy about pumpkin scents, the store has you covered with other fall "flavors" like a caramel apple scented candle, or their marshmallow fireside candle.

So if you know someone who is SUPER excited for fall, or even someone who's just over summer this year, you may want to take them to Bath and Body Works and let them get their autumn fix.




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