I love driving around and seeing interesting things that catch my attention. Most times your drives are very mundane and ordinary, but other times you see something that catches your eye.

One of the more common things that can catch your eye is a certain vanity plate.

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We've all seen them driving through New York State. Some you know exactly what they're trying to say, while others are more of a mystery, which is always weird to me because don't you want other motorists to know what the vanity plate means?

While scrolling through Twitter on Wednesday, I noticed a license plate that was tweeted out by Matt Bove of WKBW Sports and it's so simple yet so hilarious.

The license simply says "BEEFTIPS."

I love that vanity plate. It's simple and funny, meaning nearly everyone who drives past will laugh and may even acknowledge it at a red light.

Most of the vanity license plates I've seen lately have something to do withy sports; whether it's the Bills or Sabres here in Buffalo or even a few Yankees and Knicks license plates.

I would be all for more food-themed license plates and I hope to see BEEFTIPS driving through the City of Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs.

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