Would you like to have dinner on a farm, at sunset? You can at The Beekman Boys farm in Sharon Springs.

It’s no secret most restaurants have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 shut down. On top of that, Sharon Springs is a seasonal town. "Many of the establishments, including our own Mercantile, are dependent on the summer and fall tourist traffic which will be severely limited this year because of the cancellations of the Glimmerglass Music Festival and the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony," the Beekman Boys shared on Facebook.

Josh and Brent put their thinking caps on and decided to created the World’s Largest Restaurant on the Beekman Farm. One night each weekend 5 couples will get to have dinner on the farm with their romantic tables scattered across the property.

Each night will be hosted by one of the local establishments so they can make a little extra income.

You'll enjoy a three course meal, including wine, at sunset on the farm for $100 per person.

Who's in?

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Take a tour of the Beekman Boys Farm with farmer John and the baby goats.

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