So, a few inches of snow must mean start gardening, right? Well, yes.

Think about it, sure we did just get snow, but we are only a month away from seeing flowers start to bud, and trees starting to grow their leaves for the year. The ground is still incredibly solid so it does seem like a little bit of an odd time to hear New York parks say that now is the time to get started. It will begin to make more sense as you keep reading.

Winter Sowers Bring May Flowers


In complete transparency here, had to look up what on earth the word sower meant. Pretty much, it means a person who plants seed according to Merriam-Webster. The phrase "winter sowers bring may flowers" comes straight from the New York State Parks website where they also have this to say.

Sowing by mid-February ensures that your seeds have enough time in the cold to germinate by mid-April when the weather warms up. - NYS Parks

So as you read that, you might also begin to realize, it is a bit late if you're truly getting started. Which means, now or never. But, there is yet another reason now is the time if you really want to pick up the gardening hobby for the 2022 season. At the beginning of the pandemic, remember what items were hard to find? Anything garden related. Gone were the days you could walk into Lowes and find that red mulch to make your garden pop.

So if you're going to stock up on some supplies, you might want to get a jump on that too.

Check out more on how to get started gardening here.

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