It's fun to have a bet on the Big Football Game, but it's even more fun to wager on the stuff that has nothing to do with football on Super Sunday.

Las Vegas is real busy cranking out prop bets. And they're covering every angle. Some wagers involve President Trump and his Twitter habits. Others focus on the color of Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach's head. Here are some of the most unusual prop bets you can actually place for Super Bowl 53:

  • The length of Gladys Knight's National Anthem (over or under 107 seconds) and whether she'll screw up the lyrics
  • What color shirt Adam Levine will wear, if he'll wear a hat, and whether Maroon 5's lead singer will take a knee at halftime to honor Colin Kaepernick
  • Will any other artists join Maroon 5 on stage and who would it be
  • If Chick-fil-A will open a stadium location and serve on a Sunday when all of its restaurants are closed.
  • If any player will use a prop during a touchdown celebration and what kind of prop
  • Whether the catch-phrase "Dilly Dilly" be uttered during a Bud Light Commercial

What other prop bets would you add? The color of Patriots' coach Bill Belichick's hoodie? If there'll be a power outage like the one that occurred a few years ago? Will there be streaker on the field?

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