Here in New York, we act all high and mighty compared to other states across the country like we have the best pizza. Although we may believe that statement to be true, there is definitely one place that has better pizza than us. Italy. People in Italy know their pizza, and it's definitely different than most you find here in the United States.

We know that O'Scugnizzo's made the cut on Food and Wine's "Best Pizza in Every State" list, but did you know one pizza shop in Upstate New York made the list of the best pizza in the ENTIRE WORLD?

That's right. Best Pizzerias in the World is published by 50 Top Pizza each and every year, and one shop in Kenmore, New York made the cut. How awesome is that?

According to, the Western New York pizza shop sits "among a list comprised of many Italian and New York City pizza powerhouses." The honor was given to Jay’s Artisan Pizza - rated 13th best in America and the 71st best in the world. Wow, top 100? Impressive.

Jay’s Artisan Pizza originally opened in 2017 under Jay Langfelder. Its current owner, Joe Powers, worked at the pizzeria during college until he decided college wasn’t his thing. According to WKBW, Langfelder suggested he go to pizzialo academy in Naples, Italy to get more serious about pizza.

So, he went to Italy to learn the art of pizza, and came back learning the true, Italian way of neopolitian pizza. At just the age of 22, Powers won this honor from 50 Top Pizza.

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Apparently, this isn't the first time he's had this honor. In 2021, the same Italian website placed it at number 28 on a list of best pizzas in the United States.

To see the full ranking, visit

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