If you're looking for a hot and cheesy, delicious pizza, look no further than this pizzeria in the city of Hamilton.

Everyone has their favorite place for pizza - Their go-to joint that they're not switching for anything. BUT... Sometimes you need to try something new. I'm not saying you should leave you favorite place behind, I'm just saying if you haven't tried this place before you should definitely give them a shot. And if you're not in Madison County or close to Hamilton, maybe keep this place in mind if (and when) you travel that way.

The good people at New York Upstate have created a list of "62 Pizza Shops You Should Visit in New York, 1 for Each County," and that's where we found the best pizzeria in Madison County. According to their list, Oliveri's Pizzeria is the place to go if you're in Hamilton and you want a tasty pizza.

According to New York Upstate, the best pie to get at Oliveri's is their "Mulberry Street" pizza, which has garlic, ricotta, and torn basil. But they also offer other specialty pizzas like the "Milano" with garlic, bacon, spinach, and sausage, or even their "Chicken Bacon Ranch," which has exactly that on it.

And it's no surprise Oliveri's Pizzeria was named the best in Madison County. After a quick peek of their Facebook Page, it was easy to see people are raving about this place - Between good customer service, delicious pizza, and generous portions.

I haven't been to Oliveri's Pizzeria before, but they've officially been added to my list. If I find myself in Hamilton, or I have a night or weekend I want to do something, I'll head to the pizza joint and try it for myself.
What about you - Have you been to Oliveri's Pizzeria before? Is it the best place for pizza in Madison County? Is there a better place? I'd LOVE to hear from you. Just leave me a comment or message on the Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.



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