Let me tell you about that time I spent less than $10 and saved my marriage.

They say opposites attract. That's totally how it is for Dave and I. I'm outgoing and loud, he's not. I like my music loud, he doesn't. He has a great sense of direction, I decidedly do not. Most of the time, we make it work.

One of the places where we really couldn't make it work was in bed. NO, not like that. I like to read in bed, and Dave like to sleep. In the dark. Like, really dark. You can see how my lamp wasn't really working out. It kept Dave awake, it kept the dogs awake (who of course, keep both of us awake.) Sometimes, I would even fall asleep with the lamp on because it's just so faaarrrrr to reach from my cozy spot in bed.

It sounds stupid, but we would actually argue about this. You know how couples argue about stupid stuff? This was one of ours.

And then I stumbled on this great product from Amazon (one of my guilty pleasures is surfing Amazon at all hours.) It's less than $10 and it's awesome.

Credit: Amazon.com
Credit: Amazon.com

I know - it seems so stupid - but I love this thing. It's the perfect amount of light, it's not heavy, and I don't have to un-snuggle to turn off the lamp when it's cold. You can grab one from Amazon.com right here.

What's the best purchase you ever made for less than $10? Let me know at beth@lite987.com

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