Back in February, Beyonce and/or her publicist launched an all-out war against a crop of unflattering pictures that turned up among the myriad of gorgeous ones during her Super Bowl performance. Now, she's upped the ante -- and banished photographers from her new world tour.

Because, like our grandparents, Beyonce's people apparently assume cell phones can only make calls.

Noam Galai at FStoppers reports that the same Team B publicist who demanded her Super Bowl photos be yanked has now decided that instead of allowing professional photographers in to the concert venues, "3-5 pre-approved images" shot by an in-house photographer will be released after each show.

But since no one wants the same photos everyone else has and fans still have their pesky camera phones, wire services are just buying pics from concert attendees. So now, a bunch of amateur shots in low-res are getting a worldwide audience.

Hi, unintended consequences! Have a seat.

One music photographer snapped the guidelines, which provide a link to download the greenlit pics:


Hey! Remember when the government banned alcohol? That went well, right? Maybe some front-row fan can rise through the ranks and become the violent king of bootleg Beyonce photos!


If Beyonce can learn anything from this, it's that the internet doesn't like being told what to do. You have to ask nicely. Example? When Amanda Bynes asked politely for us to only use her bathroom selfies (and didn't threaten to sue us), we complied.

What we're saying is that if you let all the photos out, most decent media outlets will select the most flattering ones. Because we like you, Bey! We really like you!

But when you try to restrict access? Well ... that's when you get stuck with shots like the one above. And no one likes that.

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