Beyonce, who wowed with an arresting 2017 Grammys performance, stood in solidarity with trans youth this afternoon (February 23) when she posted a message to Facebook that urged followers to fight for the LGBT community.

Yesterday (February 22), Donald Trump's administration scaled back protections afforded to trans students who attend public schools, according to Reuters. President Obama instructed places of public education in May 2016 to allow students to use whichever bathrooms most closely reflect their identity, whether or not those are the same genders to which students are assigned at birth.

"#LGBTQ students need to know we support them. Share your support," Bey wrote to massive support from followers, and encouraged them to invest in GLSEN as a means to help.

"Thank you Beyoncé. The LGBTQ community needs your support now more than ever," one fan wrote on the post while another noted "Continue with this noble mission Bey."

Stars like Sia, Katy Perry and Lauren Jauregui have also spoken out in support of trans youth. Trans advocate Laverne Cox and others have also pointed out that Trump's policy goes beyond comfort or policy — if a trans boy or girl cannot use a bathroom, he or she cannot reasonably exist in any public place, they've insisted.

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