A national pizza chain already had a dwindling number of restaurants in Central New York, now it has left one county entirely giving Central New Yorkers one location to go to.

While Uno Pizzeria and Grill isn't just known for their pizza, that certainly is their claim to fame. Not many others on a national scale produce the kind of pizza they do, Chicago Style Deep Dish. With that said, if you live in Onondaga County, now you'll have an hour's drive should you want a thick and doughy piece of pizza as they would serve.

That is because the Fayetteville location which was in the Towne Center plaza has shut its doors. Oddly, the Instagram post they made the announcement with says, "Farewell, not goodbye".

New Hartford does indeed still have a location located in The Orchard Plaza, but that is it for Central New York. The next closest location would be Albany at Crossgates Mall and if you go west, you'll have to drive all the way to Rochester. When you think pizza, most times you think of a small locally owned pizza shop. For many, going to Uno is like going to any other restaurant. Not knocking the pizza, but do many people go to a restaurant to order a whole pie?

On top of that, Central New York offers many amazing options when it comes to pizza style, of course, Upside Down being a popular one for the Utica-Rome area.

Will you miss Fayetteville being without an Uno location?

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