When Jack Antonoff of Bleachers sang about wanting to get better, we had no idea what he was really talking about was his music. Yet here we are, over a year since the 2014 release of Bleachers' 80s-inspired debut album Strange Desire, with a reworked version of the record that is—dare we say it?—perhaps even better than the original.

In 2010, Antonoff dropped Terrible Thrills, a collection of reimagined song covers. Now the artist is back with a second volume, Terrible Thrills Vol. 2—this time however, it's his own songs that he's reimagining musically, alongside a number of exciting featured vocal guests including Sia, Tinashe, Antonoff's former tour-mate Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen, Brooke Candy, and more.

Seriously, this reworked album is a total who's-who of pop. Just check out the track-listing:

1. "Wild Heart" (feat. Sara Bareilles)
2. "Rollercoaster" (feat. Charli XCX)
3. "Shadow" (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)
4. "I Wanna Get Better" (feat. Tinashe)
5. "Wake Me" (feat. Lucius)
6. "Reckless Love" (feat. Elle King)
7. "Take Me Away" (feat. Brooke Candy & Rachel Antonoff)
8. "Like A River Runs" (feat. Sia)
9. "You're Still A Mystery" (feat. MØ)
10. "I'm Ready To Move On/Wild Heart Reprise" (feat. Susanna Hoffs)
11. "Who I Want You To Love" (feat. Natalie Maines)

However, the remixed guest roster isn't even the best part—the album is actually available for free as a Google Play exclusive. Android-users can download it via the Google Play Store, or stream the songs in their entirety right on their device. You can also download it directly onto your computer from Google.

So what are you waiting for? Go claim your free download!

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