Two stories that came out the same day this week grabbed our attention. One of them is a brilliant and refreshing response to the problematic condition posed by the other.

Here's the first headline, with all its potentially negative ramifications: National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center Forecasts Unusually Hot July Temperatures for the Eastern U.S. Tom Crawford, the chief meterologist at the NWS told The Washington Post there's a chance of “potentially historic heat” similar to the summer we experienced in July of 2011 and 2012.

Here's the second headline, offering its soothing relief: Blue Bunny Ice Cream Offering Free Single-Person Inflatable Pools.

To win one of these specially designed pools, visit from June 30-July 13 and enter to win. One hundred people will receive a limited-edition, single-serve inflatable pool.

So, it looks like you may have some choices to make in the oppressive pandemic conditions of July 2020: (A) crank up the A/C, (B) relocate outside the Eastern third of our nation, or (C) dive in to Blue Bunny's alluring offer.

Hey, as Blue Bunny points out on its website: "Pools closed? Not this one."


And, while Blue Bunny touts their unique item as an "ultimate pool party for one," we think it's possible that some Coronavirus-safe couples might just be able to squeeze into one of these babies together.

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