Late last week, we were stunned to learn that ABC was in the process of developing a spin-off of beloved ABC sitcom 'Boy Meets World,' a sequel series focusing on Cory and Topanga's young daughter to be called 'Girl Meets World.' Speculation has run rampant on which cast member might return, even apart from the potential involvement of series stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, but now concrete new details have emerged on the series itself. Find out what Cory Matthews has been up to in the comments!

While still early in the development stage, by this time next year we might all be privy to a new generation of 'Boy Meets World,' as sequel series 'Girl Meets World' hits The Disney Channel. We've heard that the series would follow Cory and Topanga's pre-teen daughter, but what else? Well, according to TVLine, not only will Cory and Topanga's progeny be named Riley, but like her father, she has an older brother and an edgy, acerbic best friend!

In addition to her older brother Elliot and "dark, edgy, acerbic" friend Maya, 13-year-old Riley is said to be "full of life, super positive and very loyal to her friends," as well as sharing a close relationship with her history teacher: her own father, Cory Matthews! Does that mean Feeny's out of the picture?

What say you? Do you think Cory Matthews and his family turned out how you'd expect? Will you tune in to the 'Boy Meets World' sequel series 'Girl Meets World'?