It’s been kind of a slow day for TV news, what with most of the major Television Critics Association press tour panels having taken place, but in some cases a slow day is just the calm before the storm.  That’s why we’re equally delighted, bewildered and horrified to announce that ‘The Brady Bunch’ will be gracing our TV screens once more in the near future, with a rebooted cast.  Also, Vince Vaughn is behind it.  Yeah, it’s that kind of day. 

Deadline is reporting that CBS has begun development on a ‘Brady Bunch’ reboot to be co-developed, and executive produced by film funnyman Vince Vaughn, and written by Mike Mariano (‘Raising Hope,’ ‘My Name Is Earl’).  The multi-camera revival will be helmed by CBS TV studios, which to date has brought about revivals of ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ ‘90210,’ and The CW’s upcoming ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Far from your typical reboot however, the updated ‘The Brady Bunch’ will follow a divorced Bobby Brady, with children of his own, who remarries a women with kids and fathers another child with her as well.  Unlike the original series, in which Carol Brady (Florence Henderson)’s previous husband went unaddressed, it’s said that Bobby Brady and his new wife’s respective ex-spouses will play a larger role in the series.

Vaughn supposedly came up with the idea, teaming with Mariano and Lloyd Schwartz, son of the late Sherwood Schwartz, to executive produce along with Victoria Vaughn and Peter Billingsley through Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Picture Show Prods.  CBS TV previously own the rights to ‘The Brady Bunch’ by inheriting them from Paramount TV.

While so far Vaughn’s ‘Brady Bunch’ has only received a script order, it would mark the largest attempt to re-vitalize the franchise since the various spinoffs, TV movie reunions, musical, and  and moderately-successful movie franchise.  No word if any of the original cast will have any involvement.

What say you?  Do you think we’re ready for ‘The Brady Bunch’ to make their way back to TV?  Who would you like to see take on any of the iconic roles?  Give us your take on this unexpected revival in the comments below!

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