Forget the traditional bridal shower. Celebrate your upcoming nuptials with the coolest bridal competition ever - Bridal Wars, coming to New York this summer. You can even win money to help pay for your wedding.

Your bride squad takes on their bride squad in several team competitions to be crowned the ultimate Bride War winner.

One bride to be and a group of her friends make up a team – your team can be as small as two or as large as you want. Teams compete against each other in our custom bridal wars challenges.

Bride Wars is set up like a bachelorette party festival. There are local vendors, a food and drink area, a DJ and games, lots and lots of games. The event starts with a welcome announcement at 1:00 and then the fun begins.

Bridal Challenges

Teams will move around the event participating in fun challenges - from a lip sync battle to DIY wedding night lingerie, photo stations, bouquet toss, balloon pop, relay races, and more. The event ends with an Ugly Dress Fashion Show. So bring that ugly dress hanging in your closet that you never thought you'd wear.

Credit - Bridal Wars
Credit - Bridal Wars

Winning Bride

Medals will be given to all of the Brides, and a $250 Team Cash Prize will be handed out to one winning team.

Bride Wars is coming to Buffalo and the Hudson Valley. You can sign up for either event or see the entire list at

Buffalo - June 5
Hudson Valley - July 17

Take a look at all the fun events the Bride to be and all her friends can have at Bride Wars.

Cool Bridal Wars Competition Coming to NY

Grab the girls! The coolest bridal event ever is coming to New York this summer and you can win cash to help pay for your wedding.

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