Fisher Price, Little Tikes and Tonka are among the most popular toy brands around.  Up until a couple of years ago, I'd never heard of Bruder toys.  Now that I've found them, they're one of my favorite toy brands.  

Have you tried getting a toy out of box lately?  They are bolted down, shrink wrapped, tied down and anything else you can think of.  What kid wants to wait ten minutes or longer while you struggle to get their new toy out of the package?  That's one of the reasons I like Bruder toys.  Open the box and the toy slides out.  As simple as that.  They're also very well made.  The garbage truck really looks like a garbage truck and doesn't fall apart the first time it's used.  Boys love trucks and Bruder has really cool trucks.  I've found a great selection of Bruder at the Village Toy Shop in New Hartford.  Firetrucks, tractors, excavators, telescopic loaders, construction equipment and more.  Hey, we're heading into the big toy buying season.  Santa, are you listening?   See for yourself.  Despite the higher price tag, I think Bruder is worth every penny.