Forget the flowers and chocolates. You wanna make a REALLY big impression on your queen this Valentine's Day? Present her with her very own castle.

There's a pretty nice one for sale on an island along the St. Lawrence River. The Carleton Villa sits on 6.9 acres and is currently on the market for $495,000, according to listing agent Barry Kukowski of realtor Howard Hanna. Also, it may run you $10 to $12 million to restore and rebuild. A small price to pay for love at this time of the year. Oh, and also, this home has a tragic love story behind it.

William Wyckoff grew up in a family of average means and later built a fortune the old-fashioned way--he earned it, by helping the Remington Arms Company develop a market for the typewriter.

He had this wonderful structure built for his love of his life, Francis, but she died of cancer one month before its completion. Wyckoff eventually moved in himself, but on his first night in the castle, he died of a heart attack at age 60.

Here's a portion of the property's fascinating description on the realtor's site:

The home has not been lived-in in over 70 years. The Villa was constructed around 1895 and was used until around 1927. Around the World War Era, contractors were allowed to go in and remove the interior and the doors and windows leaving the Villa to the elements.

It certainly sounds like it deserves some modern love. Here's all the info you need at

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