Our family is like any other family in Central New York or beyond. We have a budget. We try to cut corners where we can. We look for deals. And sometimes we buy products because they're more affordable. Usually it works out; sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot.

This was a case of the latter. We decided to try a budget brand of garbage bags for our plastic kitchen trash can. As I was removing a bag from our kitchen trash to take it out to the dumpster, it split, dumping coffee grounds and refuse all over the kitchen floor. In fact, every single bag in the box came apart at the seams.

To ensure you don't make the same mistake, we'll share the full image and unveil the product now:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM
Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

Simply Done Drawstring Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags. No good.

Have you ever bought a sale item and ended up disappointed?  We put it out there on Facebook and drew some interesting responses:

-Steven Lee said: "The name on the box says it all."

-Todd Valachovic: "Cheap tin foil. Don't ever do it."

-Kathy Mott Maffei: "Cheap paint! Always get the good stuff!"

-Bill Nichols: "Old German beer 99 cents a six pack. Must have been strained thru an old German's kidneys first."

-Marty Barber: "Denture adhesive...top shelf stuff or you ain't eating."


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