A local llama with dreams of making it big is well on her way. Eclipse, a llama from Western New York made it to the final round of the Cadbury bunny tryouts. How did she do?

Eclipse was born on a farm in Gowanda where she became best friends with her owner and caretaker 16-year-old Diego Camacho, who actually has 6 llamas he bought with his own money. "After her mom died I bottle fed her and kept bottle feeding her until I eventually bought her," Diego told Observer Today.

Diego entered Eclipse in the Cadbury tryouts last year but she failed to make the top 10. This year she made the final round and basked in her stardom. Eclipse was quite the star of the St. Patricks Day Parade. "What a good feeling to be out in the community and making people smile," shared Diego's mother Tanya.

Credit - Tanya Camacho via Facebook
Credit - Tanya Camacho via Facebook

2022 Winner

Eclipse ended up coming in 4th this year and Diego says he'll keep entering her in the contest until she wins.

This year's winner is Annie Rose, a nursing home therapy English Doodle from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lt. Dan

Annie Rose isn't the first winner of the Cadbury bunny tryout from Ohio. Remember Lt. Dan? The courageous canine was from New Richmond, Ohio, and was one of the most inspiring mascots in 2020.

Lt. Dan was born different, but he doesn’t let that slow him down.

Credit - Cadbury
Credit - Cadbury

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