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Sure, Zack Morris had a cell the size of a toaster. (And Kelly Kapowski.) But was he a surf dude WITH ATTITUDE?! We think not. The cast of the '90s teen sitcom 'California Dreams' might have played second fiddle to those other teen-phenoms on 'Saved by the Bell,' but they still managed to make a pop-culture splash all their own.


Brent Gore, Matt Garrison (1992–1994)



Then: The actor/singer played big bro to Jenny and frontman of The Dreams.

Now: The Tennessee native continues to live and work in Los Angeles. He successfully co-founded the indie band King Straggler with fellow actors John Hawkes and Rodney Eastman (for all you dedicated fans, it's available on iTunes). In July 2011, Gore released his first solo album, 'Up Until Now.'


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Heidi Noelle Lenhart, Jenny Garrison (1992-1993)



Then: The brunette songstress rocked as little sis Jenny for just one season of the TNBC hit before being written out of the show.

Now: Lenhart (now blonde!) continues to act and is best-known for playing MBA-turned-nanny Jenny Morgan-Caldwell in the made-for-TV movie series, “Au Pair.”



Kelly Packard, Tiffani Smith (1992-1996)



Then: Everybody’s California girl-crush and killer bass-player. (Girl could rock a swimsuit!)

Now: Packard continued to work the spotlight with multiple appearances on 'Baywatch' and as co-host to Taebo-titan Billy Blanks in several infomercials hawking his workout wares. She most recently appeared in the made-for-TV movie 'My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,' and is a proud mother of three.


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William James Jones, Tony Wicks (1992-1996)



Then: Ultra-cool drummer, all-around nice guy and fade-sporting Sharky’s Café employee.

Now: Classically trained in theatre, Jones has appeared in multiple productions at the renowned Goodman Theater in Chicago, and with the Pegasus Players. He has made appearances on TV series such as 'The West Wing' and 'Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.'



Jay Anthony Franke, Jake Sommers (1993 – 1996)



Then: Bad-boy guitarist with a heart of gold, Franke's character dated his way through every female member of the cast!

Now: G’day, Franke! After his second marriage, the actor relocated to Australia where he now works at a video game company as a quality assurance engineer… Um, sounds like the coolest job in the world! (Besides being a fictional bubble-gum guitar-God, that is.)


NBC/@janthonyfranke, Twitter

Jennie Kwan, Sam Woo (1993-1996)



Then: Adorable Chinese exchange student with a golden voice and a soft spot for teased bangs.

Now: The talented songbird has toured with Broadway musical smash 'Avenue Q,' voiced lead character “Suki” in the animated series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' and frequently appears in independent projects.


NBC/Lorenzo Hodges via IMDB.com

Michael Cade, Sylvester “Sly” Winkle (1992-1996)



Then: Lovable lady-killer/band manager with endless tricks up his sleeve.

Now: Cade has appeared in feature films such as 'The Devil’s Dozen,' 'Chaplin' and 'Whacked.' He also graced the small screen in television series, such as 'Baywatch,' '7th Heaven' and 'General Hospital.' (And as his appearance on the cast reunion orchestrated by Jimmy Fallon — seen below — indicates, Cade also hits the gym from time to time.)


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Cast Reunion a’ la Jimmy Fallon



On March 4th, 2010, these seven members of the cast were reunited on NBC’s 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' and obliged the studio audience with a live performance of their epic theme song. Hilariously, Fallon conceded he had actually been attempting to reunite the cast of 'Saved by the Bell,' but when those attempts failed, he settled for the Dreamers… Talk about burn!

Watch the cast reunite on 'Jimmy Fallon'


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