One week after a car accident in Los Angeles, DJ/producer Calvin Harris has canceled two more upcoming performances, and expressed gratitude for walking away with minor injuries.

Harris, who was born Adam Wiles, was forced to cancel his scheduled May 20 gig at the Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas following the collision earlier that same evening. He's since called off two more gigs this week, his Vegas residency at Hakkasan (May 26) and his engagement at the Omnia (May 27), according to a statement shared on his Facebook page.

"Adam is still recovering from the injuries sustained in the car accident last Friday," his reps wrote.

Harris tweeted an apology for being unable to perform, and said he was feeling "lucky and very grateful" after the crash.

Harris was a passenger in a Cadillac en route to LAX when it collided with a VW Beetle that had abruptly crossed lanes while making a right turn. A 16-year-old girl was behind the wheel of the Beetle, according to TMZ, and the car contained four other teenage passengers, one of which who is said to have suffered a broken pelvis after being ejected from the vehicle upon impact. The LAPD has stated that there was no alcohol involved.

TMZ, which shared photos of the totaled cars on site after the accident, also claims that Harris was taken to the hospital for a facial laceration. He allegedly left, against doctor's advice, when he was denied a private room.

Here's hoping Calvin makes a quick recovery following the scary event.

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