It may just be the perfect gift for someone who has everything - A cassette player. We happened to find them for sale right here in Central New York.

I'm sure there's plenty of places where you can still pick up a cassette player, but honestly, it caught me off-guard when I saw one hanging on a shelf at the store.

Not that I'm knocking cassette players, but think about it... When's the last time you've seen one? Or seen cassette tapes for sale? Same with a Walkman. It just seems like a (small) blast from the past, right??

Granted, if you have a bunch of cassettes you've kept, but now you don't have a player, this is some good news. Or if you like to collect those type of items, you're in luck.

It's going to cost you a little bit, though.

Cassette Player with Price Tag in Photo
Naomi Lynn/TSM

But it also comes with headphones, so there's that. If that price is right for you, you could be the next proud owner of a cassette player (again, probably).

Vinyls have come back "in style," is that what's happening with cassettes, too?

...I doubt it. BUT if you have cassette tapes and want to be able to play them again, or you want to give that "perfect" gift, a cassette player may be what you're looking for. I found this one hanging up at the Rite-Aid in Herkimer.



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