Effective today, Carbone Honda in the Utica area of Yorkville is now under a new name.

Carbone Honda is now LeadCar Honda Yorkville. Early November, LeadCar bought two other Lithia dealerships and became Leadcar Buick GMC Utica and Leadcar Chevrolet Yorkville. Now LeadCar will operate three dealerships in the Central New York region. Each location will be run by a Central New York native.

“I’d like to welcome the newest members of the LeadCar family from Carbone Chevrolet, Carbone Buick GMC, and now Carbone Honda—we are thrilled to have them join us." said Jason R. Brickl, Founder of Brickl Companies and CEO of LeadCar Systems, Their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and unique ideas will keep LeadCar at the forefront of automotive retail well into the future.”

One employee has shared with us that LeadCar is extremely community focused, and they have big plans to be involved with our region when it comes to charities and events.

According to WIBX, the Carbone Auto Group was sold to Lithia Motors back in September of 2016. In October of 2021, the Steet Ponte Auto Group acquired Carbone/Lithia Nissan. Steet Ponte Nissan is located on Commercial Drive in Yorkville. As of November 2021, LeadCar acquired Leadcar Buick GMC Utica and Leadcar Chevrolet Yorkville.

23 Highest Paying Impressive Jobs In Utica And Rome New York

With all these job openings in the Utica and Rome area of Central New York, you may be considering a new career. What are the highest paying jobs you can apply for?

That website USA Wage used data published by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and took a look at the Top 100 highest paying jobs in our region. Results found that the highest paying profession in America right now is family medicine physician with an average annual salary of $207,380. The second highest paying job is family and general practitioners with an average salary $201,100.

What about our region of Central New York? What jobs popped to the top of the list? Here's a look:

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