Carole Mallory, A now 71 year old actress that starred in The Stepford Wives in 1975 used to date Pablo Picasso's son Claude but after he scorned her, she went nuts on Hollywood leading men and other celebrities and has now come clean in her new book 'Picasso's Ghost' about her hook-ups with Robert Deniro, Peter Sellers and Richard Gere among others.

Reportedly none of them were slouches, but Richard Gere rang her bell something fierce. Can't say I'm surprised... Here's what she had to say.


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“I was jilted by Claude Picasso, and I spent most of my life trying to shore up my bad feelings about myself,” she tells us. “A lot of my seeking out famous men was to prove I was OK. I felt terribly wounded when he jilted me. I felt validated by celebrities.”

About Deniro -

“During lovemaking, he never stopped looking in my eyes... He had a butterfly tattoo that I later realized matched his flighty spirit. So did the fact he left his socks on.”

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On Sellers -

“I kissed him all over his hairy body. He had hair everywhere. He even had it on his back. I liked it. He reminded me of a giant panda bear.”

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And Regarding Gere -

“His gymnastic skills were apparent. He made love his way . . . He didn’t withhold. He was Valentino in the flesh. A sex symbol not to be forgotten. Not to be lumped in with all the others, but to be remembered for his uniqueness. His thoughtfulness. His caring.”

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So there you have it ladies, you pretty much knew that Richard Gere had it going on, and I dunno how many of you are into hairy apes or guys that just stare at them the whole time. But I get the socks on thing, sometimes you just can't wait! She also had flings with Warren Beatty and Rod Stewart too and you can read more about all of her exploits in her book. She now spends her time out of the beds of celebs and now works as a creative writing instructor at Rosemont College. Plenty to write about if you ask me...