No doubt about it, the Kardashians are riding their wave of fame all the way to the bank.  Last year alone they pulled in $65 million.   Not only can they afford expensive stuff, they also get plenty of it for free too! 

Kim Kardashian, according to In Touch, seems to be the savviest at getting plenty of free stuff.  When she and her guests dined recently at a Las Vegas restaurant, the restaurant picked up the $1500 tab.  Hopefully she left a big tip.  Kim and her new hubby are currently  living in the Gavsevoort Park Avenue hotel in NYC.  It costs $7000 a night but In Touch reports she's living there for free, to the tune of $600, 000 for two months.  She and her family had some pricey summer fun at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa.  The cost?  $100,00o but it was free for Kim and crew.  She borrowed a $10,000 Marc Bouwer dress for New Year's Eve and ended up getting to keep it for no charge.  Despite the $18 million price tag for her recent wedding, she got $750,00 in free catering plus big discounts on her engagement and wedding rings.  What's your take on this?  Tacky when you're this rich to take free stuff or is it part of the privilege of being wealthy?