A cat in a canoe? Who knew.

A pooch on a Pond

Seeing a pooch on the pond isn't anything to ponder. Ours loves to be out on the water, as long as she doesn't have to go IN the water.


Now a cat in a canoe is something else entirely. Don't they hate water? Not these two.

Adventure Cat Addie

Adventure Cat Addie loves the lake. She joins her family, two-legged and four, for adventures on the water in the Adirondacks all summer long. Addie not only has her own lifejacket but she's also got her own Instagram page too where she shares her adventures from a canoe.

Cat in a Canoe

Now you can't ever say you've never seen a cat wearing a lifejacket in a canoe on an Adirondack lake.

Back Packing Cat

Addie isn't just into canoes, she's a backpacking cat too. Although from the looks of things, she's more of a rider than a hiker.

Credit - Adventure Cat Addie via Instagram
Credit - Adventure Cat Addie via Instagram

Kitty on a Kayak

Addie isn't the only cat that enjoys taking in the beauty of the Adirondacks either. Here's another kitty on a kayak.

Credit - Cristine Gilliland via Facebook
Credit - Cristine Gilliland via Facebook

New York Lakes & Rivers

There are so many lakes and rivers across New York State to enjoy the summer weather, whether it's from a canoe, kayak, or any other water vessel. You could travel on a different one every day of the season and still not cover them all.  Just don't forget the pets at home, dogs or cats. Both seem to like to soak in the beauty of Mother Nature too.

A cat in a canoe? Who knew. What unusual things does your pet do?

Do you have a cat that enjoys being on the water or a dog that hates it? Let us know in our app.

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