It's easily the most recognizable Central New York Christmas song. And it was recorded 26 years ago at Acqrok Studios in Utica. So break out the cassette players and warm up to this classic!

They assembled gang of notable local musicians to record this song. There are names in here that will take you back. Can you imagine seeing all these musicians together in one place singing this? Here are the notes from the 20th Anniversary video on YouTube:

"Christmas in the Valley" was recorded at Acqrock Studios in Utica, NY on November 10, 1991. There were four cameramen there that day, and in honor of the twentieth anniversary, that footage has been compiled to commemorate everyone who donated their time to make the project a success and to the people of the Mohawk Valley who have embraced the song all these years.


Christmas In The Valley
CJ/TSM Utica

This cassette single version was released in 1992 with another Mark Werchowski song as a benefit for the Stevens-Swan Humane Society. It has been re-released through the years and is still alive and well on Facebook. You can purchase the CD at Big Apple Music in New Hartford.

What other local Christmas songs do you remember?

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