Students at one Central New York university must really love their coffee, because the school is shelling out $300,000 to make sure they have their favorite.

One of the cafeterias at Binghamton University, Hinman, is undergoing construction this school year. The location serves about 1,500 meals a day to students - but most critically, Hinman is home to the campus's only Starbucks.

Administration at Binghamton (which is a state school, btw) is so concerned about the student's access to their double-shot venti latte cappucino macchiato with whip (we think that's a drink there) that they're shelling out $300,000 to purchase and park a Startbucks truck on campus.

No, we're not making that up. 

The school is spending the equivalent of a REALLY nice house so that their students can have coffee.

We did a few calculations, and figured that even if the university bought a really nice Keurig for every single one of them (considering roommates, you'd probably need only half that) you'd still be spending HALF of what the truck cost.

Let's just say college is not like when we went. We were just excited to get a frozen yogurt machine and a baked potato bar.

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