A central New York mother is searching for the man her late son helped save.

Addison Snyder of Oneida suffered irreversible brain damage after being hit by a truck in Rome last January. His mother Tara Snyder had to make the decision no parent should have to make; letting him go. But Addison's spirit lived on through organ donations.

A year after Tara lost her son she received a letter from James - one of the people Addison's organ donations save. "My Addison was a fitness fanatic and helped this man to keep living his dream."

James needed a bone transplant after part of the bone surrounding his knee, died. He was also struggling with body dysmorphia, a mental disorder where no matter how skinny he was, he still saw himself as fat. "The issue with my knee was crippling because it took away one of my only ways to combat the issue - exercise," he wrote. "Without your generous donation I wouldn't have been able even walk without extreme pain. Your son or daughter helped give me back my life."

Photo Credit - Tara Shanahan

James isn't the only person Addison helped save. Alissa Grenier received a much needed kidney she'd been praying for, for over a year. She was in end stage renal failure before Addison's kidney saved her life. "From every thing I heard, he sounded like an amazing kid. It's such a loss, yet I am so grateful," said Alissa's mom Amy who was blessed Addison chose to be an organ donor.

Photo Credit - Amy M. Stinebrickner Grenier/Tara Shanahan

"I hope you get to hear from everyone your child helped save," wrote James.

Tara hopes so too. "I hope to receive many more letters in the future. It really heals my heart to know my baby boy (forever 20) is still helping people."

No parent should have to go through the unimaginable pain of having to bury a child, but Snyder's last selfless wish breathes life into so many others. Tara wants to find James and meet him in person. She also encourages all organ recipients to follow James' lead, and send letters. "Anyone who has ever received a donation, I strongly urge you to write to the donors family. It means so much."

To learn more about organ donation visit Organdonor.gov.

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